Conemis Cloud Data Integration Tools cdit Overview


The conemis data integration tools (cdit) connect software in a private or public cloud with other software systems. The conemis data integration tools fuel applications with clean and up-to-date data. And they embed them into an existing IT landscape.

There are two ways of benefitting from the conemis data integration tools:

The cdit  Foundation Framework covers a rich set of data integration needs. It particularly supports data synchronization, data quality, data transformation, data migration, and data housekeeping. The cdit  Foundation Framework is fully customizable to any integration requirements of customers. The deployment options range from on-premise to public cloud.

cdit  Pre-packaged Editions are pre-configured for certain target systems. They particularly support data migration and data housekeeping. cdit  Pre-packaged Editions are delivered from the cloud and instantly usable. They draw on the cdit  Foundation Framework and are shipped with proven configurations and processes for their target systems.

Learn more about the systems that are supported by the conemis data integration tools out of the box.

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