cdit Foundation Framework for Conemis Cloud Integration

cdit Foundation Framework

The cdit  Foundation Framework delivers connections for enterprise applications. It embeds cloud applications into the traditional IT landscape. Currency and consistency of data is ensured by scheduled or event-driven synchronization, batch imports and exports, and by integrated data quality means.

Examples for what the cdit  Foundation Framework provides is connecting cloud business applications to a common Business Intelligence, marketing tools to a core CRM system, etc. The cdit  software realizes sharing address data, product data, or any other kind of data across systems. It also turns rights and security policies into practice for cloud applications.

The cdit  Foundation Framework is deployable on the premises of a customer or delivered from the cloud. In either deployment scenario it supports customization for the individual integration needs of a customer.

A number of systems is supported out of the box with pre-built connectors. Connectors to additional systems can quickly be set up to address other systems as well.

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