cdit Pre-Packaged Editions for Conemis Cloud Integration

cdit Pre-packaged Editions

cdit  Pre-packaged Editions are the instant way for data migration and data housekeeping. Without setup time, they automate extracting, refining, and converting data from legacy systems as well as efficient consolidation and import for new applications. They minimize the effort for operational tasks, give structure to the process, and liberate resources for proper planning, testing, and project management.

The efforts associated with migration are typically a major challenge when moving to new business software. With a grown and mostly heterogeneous data stock in the legacy systems, migration projects are inherently complex IT projects. They require specialized skills and experience. Their hidden complexity makes it difficult to predict costs properly. Customers are afraid of costs getting out of hand, of losing data, and ultimately of introducing their new software.

The cdit  Pre-packaged Editions mitigate these difficulties by supporting the migration process all the way from legacy systems to the target applications. They deliver a grip on costs, quality, and time.

Let us help you choose the proper edition of the conemis data integration tools. Then you will receive everything you need for your migration: a ready-made connector for your source systems, a ready-made connector for your target application, and everything in between.

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