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Cloud Application Integration

Introducing enterprise cloud applications into a software landscape is different from traditional application deployment. Actual software installation is obsolete for customers. Configuration is done remotely, and integration must rely on the interfaces available.

Among the greatest challenges for enterprise cloud application integration are

  • Migration of existing data from legacy systems to the cloud
  • Ensuring data quality for the cloud applications
  • Integration into the service-oriented architecture of a corporation, into software directories, repositories, reporting etc.
  • Synchronization of data between cloud and traditional applications

Conemis is a specialist for these challenges and delivers one-stop data integration solutions. They comprise everything necessary for a seamless application integration in the cloud: concepts, architecture, software as well as the customization.

Related products

cdit  Pre-packaged Editions exist for several supported systems. They are pre-configured for a particular target application. Pre-packaged Editions of the conemis data integration tools are particularly well-suited for data migration and data housekeeping. All necessary setup and configuration for the respective target application is available out of the box.

The cdit  Foundation Framework is a powerful platform for a stable integration. For a permanent and yet flexible integration setup, this product is best suited. The cdit Foundation Framework covers data synchronization, data transformation, data quality and housekeeping as well as migration. Connectors are available for the listed supported systems and can quickly be set up to address other systems as well.

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