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Data Quality

Clean data is a key success factor for the acceptance of cloud applications in enterprises. Efficient work and leveraging the full revenue potential of data becomes possible only after high data quality is ensured.

Quality is not a natural property of data. It must consciously be applied and regularly monitored in order to detect and counteract degradation. Updates or insertion of unchecked data pose a threat to data quality in the whole data stock. Duplicates, incomplete records and inconsistent references may make large parts of data records useless. Obese data can strain storage and performance of software. And it may confuse users of the software and thereby reduce their productivity on two counts.

Our methods, software, and services for ensuring data quality have been developed for the cloud. They work for data migration and synchronization as well as for the ongoing housekeeping for cloud applications. And traditional software applications benefit alike.

Related products

The cdit  Foundation Framework is a powerful platform for a stable integration. For a permanent and yet flexible integration setup with high data quality, this product is best suited. The cdit   Foundation Framework covers data transformation, data quality, data housekeeping and other functionality. Connectors are available for the listed supported systems and can quickly be configured to address other systems as well.

cdit  Pre-packaged Editions exist for several supported systems. They are pre-configured for a particular target application and contain essential data quality and housekeeping means. Pre-packaged Editions of the conemis data integration tools are particularly well-suited for high-quality data migration and data housekeeping. All necessary setup and configuration for the respective target application is available out of the box.

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