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Data Synchronization

Modern software applications in enterprises do not run in isolation. They are designed for the automated exchange with other applications to deliver users smooth processes. Demanding users take it for granted that customer address data, product information, documents or media files are consistently provided across applications.

Conemis offers reliable solutions for the regular exchange between software applications. Connections from cloud to cloud are possible just like cloud to on-premise. From conception to software and customization to the deployment of an integration solution you can receive any combination of services from Conemis.

For synchronization solutions our experts are available on-site and remotely. From the determination of requirements over implementation to maintenance they support you in realizing the proper solution for you.

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The cdit  Foundation Framework is a powerful platform for a stable integration. For a permanent and yet flexible integration setup, this product is best suited. The cdit  Foundation Framework covers data synchronization, data transformation, data quality and housekeeping as well as migration. Connectors are available for the listed supported systems and can quickly be configured to address other systems as well.

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