We are pleased to announce that Conemis and Enigen UK have formed a partnership to enable organisations to move from Oracle CRM On Demand to Oracle Fusion CRM, through a combination of Fusion CRM consultancy expertise and specifically designed migration tools.

Enigen UK is an Oracle Gold Partner providing niche consultancy within Customer Experience (CX), Relationship Management (CRM), and Business Intelligence (BI) Enigen UK work with a wide range of customers across all industries, but solely focusing on one vendor, Oracle. In April 2013 Enigen were on the shortlist for Oracle Applications Partner of the Year and have a Certified Fusion Implementation team.

Conemis is an Oracle Gold and ISV Partner providing Data Integration Tools that are easy-to-use and delivered in the cloud; they make the migration to cloud applications, data quality, data housekeeping and data integration logical and efficient.

Binding Fusion CRM Consulting services together with the Conemis Data Integration Tools for Fusion CRM offers customers in the UK and European market a great possibility to switch to Fusion CRM smoothly.” says Omid Afaghi, Managing Director of Conemis.

At Enigen UK we have also implemented Oracle Fusion CRM internally, and have used Conemis for their own data migration from Oracle CRM On Demand.” says Enigen UK’s Managing Director, Alex Love.

Cloud delivery of enterprise applications poses new challenges when it comes to integrating applications into existing system landscapes. With this partnership we are able to provide an inclusive and coherent transfer of data, across diverse data centres and data models, promoting a cloud-borne approach to data integration.

Dr Daniel Rolli, CEO of Conemis believes that “Enigen’s deep knowledge as a Fusion CRM Systems integrator makes them a perfect partner for Conemis.

Oracle Fusion CRM offers a web service API and bulk data management, which Conemis builds on to create immediately useable Data Integration Tools. The easy-to-use data integration tools instantly deliver powerful functionality without the need for learning the API, the data model details or complex technical solutions.

Our partnership with Conemis is an important move for Oracle CRM customers who want the confidence in continuing their Oracle journey with Fusion, without a big migration headache.” says Alex Love, Managing Director of Enigen UK.

The Enigen and Conemis partnership offers key benefits to the customer, most importantly a non-technical user can start quickly; log in to one of the tools for the first time, enter Oracle Fusion CRM Credentials and you are fully connected to your instance.

Other key benefits include:

  • No coding
  • No setup
  • No Knowledge of API details is required to get started
  • The tools require no installation resources, because they are delivered from Conemis Servers
  • Migration from CRMOD to Fusion CRM is made easy by the preconfigured mapping included in the product (or licence)
  • Instantly Operational
  • The cloud tools run in a safe environment with secure connections from the user’s browser and from the tools to Oracle Fusion CRM
  • An uninterrupted chain of trust ensures full protected data transfers
  • The customer is spared the effort and costs of installing and learning heavy middleware
  • The tools are extensible and can be connected with each other as well as with additional logic for complex solutions
  • The effort for the customers IT operations is reduced to a minimum

To watch a screencast of the Oracle CRM On Demand to Fusion CRM migration, please click here.

For more information of the Conemis Enigen partnership please contact either:

Yilmaz Ozturk – CRM Solutions Manager – Oracle Fusion & On Demand Applications


Omid Afaghi – Managing Director of Conemis