In our standard product, the conemis data integration tools, we maintain a pre-built connector for Oracle Sales Cloud that covers its data model including all available data objects. But we also use SOAP web service calls – among other integration / extension means of Oracle Sales Cloud – in custom-tailored interfaces to move data in and out of Oracle Sales Cloud.

After more than 3 years of practical experience with Oracle Sales Cloud (formerly a.k.a. Fusion CRM) data integration, we took some time to compile the top 10 SOAP web service operations with respect to our own usage and benefit for our readers.



This method will create a sales account or a sales prospect, based on if the address is passed and marked as a sell to address. The sales account or the sales prospect can be an organization or a person. Example


A web service method to merge sales account profiles. Includes performing an update if the object exists, or an insert if the object doesn’t already exist.


A web service method to merge trading community persons. Includes performing an update if the object exists, or an insert if the object doesn’t already exist.


This method will return all parties that have a usage as defined in ‘Eligible Customer’ party usage filter rule and match the given search criteria.


Creates a new location object.

A web service method that either creates a single record of Oracle Fusion lead object or updates a record given the ID.


Updates a single opportunity record if one exists; otherwise, create a new one.


Creates a new activity object.

A web service method that creates records of Oracle Fusion sales campaign object.


Creates partner with primary location details.

This list looks back on all of our day-to-day experience up until Release 9 of Oracle Sales Cloud. But it also accounts for the evolution of the web service API of Oracle Sales Cloud and a slightly shifting emphasis from release to release. We will be updating this report accordingly in the future, if you find it beneficial.

Also, stay tuned for our reports on RESTful web services for Oracle Sales Cloud and other Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Applications.

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