Cognizant - Global reseller of conemis software 1


Cognizant and conemis are excited to announce our global partnership. With Cognizant, one of the world’s leading professional services companies, becoming an official reseller of conemis software, customers around the globe can purchase conemis software directly from Cognizant.

Together with trained and trusted Cognizant experts, customers can leverage conemis transition cloud. Therefore, it becomes even easier for enterprises to benefit from conemis-powered transition automation for more insight, control, and time-saving when moving to enterprise application in the cloud.

Digital technology is transforming industries and enhancing efficiency in business practices. Cognizant has an industry-based and consultative approach which helps clients envision, build, and run innovation and efficient businesses. Finding solutions with technology is a must-have for successful businesses, in which Cognizant offers digital solutions to the banking sector, insurance, healthcare, life sciences, technology, energy, communications, consumer goods, retail, education,  media and entertainment, manufacturing, information services, travel and hospitality, and transportation and logistics.

This demonstrates conemis’ commitment to supplying the best transition teams worlwide for serving customers with fully automated, seamless, and fast transitions to leading business applications in the cloud.