Understand and Upgrade

conemis ANALYZER eliminates the ache in analyzing existing applications and preparing for a transition. In an instant, it puts all relevant information at your fingertips, without the need for tedious manual inspection in old applications. Beyond analysis, conemis ANALYZER allows its users to quickly and precisely define the scope for a transition. conemis ANALYZER is pre-configured for a host of applications and knows their specific configuration means, detects their customizations, and knows their data models. If you want to analyze custom-built or niche applications, conemis ANALYZER also has a mode available for that purpose.

Insight and Efficiency

  • One-click assessment of source applications
  • Browsable collection of metadata, objects, fields, and more in one place
  • Drill into the details and start your transition planning in the software
  • Base application fitment planning on facts
  • Identify risks early

conemis ANALYZER Key Features


One-click assessment of an application that can be executed by a business user to understand complexity and efforts. 


Define scope and design based on full reports on standard and customized objects, fields, and relationships.


Full assessment of metadata for objects, fields, relationships in migration scope across all relevant systems and instances.


Seamless handover of migration scope and metadata to auto-configure data migration.

Scoping and Design

  • Discover source application data model, customizations, data sizing with one click
  • Document the foundation for estimating efforts and forecasting
  • Scope and design migration, archival, and synchronization

Customization Tracking

  • Overview of progress in standard and customized objects, fields, relationships across several destination instances
  • Foundation for diff analysis between development, test, and production instances

Adoption Tracking

  • Understand how your application is being used
  • Monitor record creation per object over time
  • Track key metrics on application usage

Our Compatible Applications

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Selection of Supported Applications