The Automation of Migration

In an ever changing world, modernization in business only succeeds with up-to-date software. Whether an application life cycle comes to an end, the organizational structure changes with a reorganization, a merger, a spin-off, or by some other force, the factors for success include getting the right software in place. Instead of struggling with tedious manual labor, conemis MIGRATOR brings automation to this process. The automated process eliminates human error, enables traceability and insight in the process, and makes the diagnoses and resolution of exceptions graceful and efficient.

Laser Focus on Migration

  • Pre-built solutions for zero setup time
  • Automated analysis of exceptions and built-in resolution support
  • Collaborative workbench in the cloud with central home for conversion data
  • Built in optimized flow dedicated to migration
  • End-to-end traceability and accountability for all steps

conemis MIGRATOR Key Features


The migration can be auto-configured with information from conemis ANALYZER. Details can be refined in conemis MIGRATOR.


Covers all customizations and complex transformations between source and destination data models.


Two-click fully automated migration of application data end to end.

Migrate with 2 Clicks

The conemis MIGRATOR empowers transition teams with automation of tasks, therefore, no more extensive man power is required. Since the conemis MIGRATOR is connected and collaborates with other aplications in the conemis transition cloud, it offers seamless process for extractionconversion, data quality issue resolution, and loading with full control over each step.


Also, being cloud-native optimizes and holds all project configurations and know-how in the software itself. Several users can work simultaneously and  traces all transition progress and even collaborate in the cloud.

Smart Software Migration

Full Scope

  • Consolidation from different sources
  • Full collaboration and traceability
  • Fast Conference Room Pilots and Proofs of Concept

Delta Migration

  • Delta data transfers with the flip of a switch
  • Schedule automatic delta loads
  • Supports high data volumes

Data Consistency

  • Rule-based prevention of duplicates
  • Automated splitting and joining of records
  • Global statistics of progress and results

Our Compatible Applications

Software assessment with one click and drill-down into details

Guidance in project and program management with real-time planning and progress tracking

Simple, reliable, and performant persistent integration

Automated mirroring and backup of enterprise software data

Selection of Supported Applications