Insight and Control

Transition projects require active management to be successful. Change management, roll-out management, meaningful reporting all depend on the right information being available. conemis NAVIGATOR is the central view that automatically ties together all planned vs. actual progress information so that project management can act on it. conemis NAVIGATOR provides live visual tracking and immediate insights, automated generation of reports, means of communication with transition teams, and analyzing methodology fitment. This is management data on a whole new level for project success rates in a new dimension.

From Uncertainty to Management

  • Auto-planning of transition based on previous projects' data
  • Real-time progress tracking and reporting
  • Live benchmarking of project time, efforts, quality
  • Intuitive indicators for smarter and faster decision making
  • Clarity in activities for more effective team coordination

conemis NAVIGATOR Key Features

Project Owner

  • Central dashboard for one or several projects
  • Benchmarks for efforts, time, and performance
  • Current project reality at one glance


  • Direct insight independent from manual reports
  • Time and budget always in sight
  • Software-supported project trend indication

Project Manager

  • Visual display of history and projected timeline
  • Ability to drill into any project activity
  • Automated benchmarking and reports

Visual Live Tracking

  • Real-time progress tracking and reporting

  • Immediate insight for project and program management

  • Means of communication for transition team

  • Trust for customer


Data-Driven Decisions

  • Auto-generation of reports
  • Benchmarking of actual vs. projected transition events

  • Decision support for transition team and management

Methodology Evolution

  • Data-driven analysis of all past recorded projects for lessons learned
  • Measuring methodology in data against actual success

  • Learn and refine by geography, source system, and industry

Our Compatible Applications

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Selection of Supported Applications