Facing the challenges of

your transition project


System Transformation

Supporting your system transformation projects with transition management and deep insight, so that migration is not a black box anymore.

Data Migration

Migration of data without conerns about incompatible data structures, guesswork or unreachable data destinations.

Cloud Migration

Fast, reliable and cost effective migrations from on premise applications into the cloud.

Merger and Acquisitions

System split and merges due to M&A activities, need a quick solution to have the correct data in the right place at the right time.

System Upgrade

Enabling your system upgrade to the newest release of your applications.

Data Mapping

Easy data mapping with automation and pre-built mappings for standard objects of the most common applications.

Data Integration

Keeping your applications in sync after a migration is completed and legacy is still needed.

Data Cleansing

Built-in data cleansing features for improving your quality and standarizing your data.

Our area of expertise

Customer Experience Software

Former top dogs like Siebel or the most modern cloud applications: We have gathered the know-how and experience that is important in the transition of sales, marketing and service software.


The modern production needs reliable systems and upheavals in the supporting software hold uncertainties and dangers, which we master together. We help and advise on seamless transition without interruptions.