Fast Lane to Salesforce

Covering the whole software modernization process from your legacy application to Salesforce

Faster migration and less hustle with a dedicated pre-built edition with proactively maintained connectors

When moving from one or many old applications to Salesforce, 3 things count: understanding sources and scope, safe end-to-end migration, and proper management. When you care about speed, all of these should be automated for less effort and manual error.

Pure SaaS Solution

Specialists need the right tools to push the limits. You wouldn’t use pick and shovel in the 21st century on a construction site.

So why work with Excel and other tools?

No Coding

Our developers built this software so that you can focus on your business and the data. It’s built by Transition Engineers including the experience from more than 100 projects.

Pre-Built Connectors

Rely on the pre-built connectors which are proactively maintained. Establishing the connection is done within the user interface – safe and without worrying about the APIs!

We are a Salesforce Partner and our Solution is available on Salesforce AppExchange! Customer success and highest security standards are approved.

End-to-end transition process


One-click assessment

of metadata and data in source systems with no technical legacy-knowledge required. Allow scoping in the same software immediately tied to the gathered data.


Software-suggested plan

that contains all relevant aspects of a transition, is based on past recorded project data and can be adjusted by the project manager to individual project needs. Basis for automated target-actual comparison.


Monitoring of build activities

across all instances. Highlights diff between instances. Live progress reporting on build and provides customers insight into progress to let them review build and give them trust.


End-to-end automated data migration including full traceability of all steps. Automated error analysis and resolution support. Central home for all conversion data, rules and migration knowledge.


Live progress view and benchmarking with automated warnings for potential risks for extra cost and delays. Enables fact-based effective communication and proactive management of efforts and go-lives.

The difference in healthy transition projects?

Roll Out Management

If your systems contains million of records you will have to execute several data loads. Take control of your transition and execute the final migration with well prepared and clocked transfers.

If an error occurres, the conemis software is tracking wich data has succesfull been transferred and wich data sets need a reload.

True Collaboration

Always up to date with the live tracking! Every completed task is automatically recorded in the conemis transition cloud.

Although nobody has to write reports, everybody involved in the project is able to monitor the current status, so that any deviation from the schedule can be easily identified.

This is reducing the risk caused by a lack of information and is speeding up your migration.


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