Pre-built automation to make migration projects faster
and safer

Professional tooling for the best transition teams to make the migration to new enterprise software in the cloud fast, reliable, and successful with automation and insight

  • Accelerate migration projects

  • Assess existing customizations and data instantly

  • Replace tedious manual work with automation

  • Reduce risk in migrations

  • Boost implementation success and value

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Holistic Perspective on Transition

Managing the whole process for migrating to new software

Moving fast

Digitalized methodology with best-practice automation outpaces manual labor on heterogeneous tools.

Age of automation

Digitalizing the move to new software with a dedicated solution is overdue with demands and means in an age of automation.

Insight replaces risk

Live visualization and benchmarking of progress with every step bring better decisions and accountability.

Controlling cost

Automation in planning and process eliminate expensive errors and efforts in manual labor.