automated software transition

Reduced Cost

Automation eliminates expensive errors and efforts in manual labor.

Less Risk

Pre-configured connectors and conversion rules replace trial and error.

Control and Traceability

Experts operate the automation and trace progress with conemis logging of every step.

Modernize Efficiently

Automation and software-defined methodology reduce time and cost in modernization.



Equip the best transition teams with best-of-breed automation and methodology to revolutionize the industry of moving to new enterprise software.

conemis enables continuous modernization in enterprises by engineering the transition to cutting-edge software applications. We therefore automate and manage the transition process with software tools such that stakeholders are amazed by the reliability and efficiency of the transition.

  • Reduce cost and accelerate implementation
  • De-risk for seamless adoption
  • Succesful transition projects

Automated Software Transition

conemis transition cloud

Software assessment with one click and drill-down into details

Guidance in project and program management with real-time planning and progress tracking

End-to-end automated process for extraction, conversion, and loading of data from source to target

Simple, reliable, and performant persistent integration

Automated mirroring and backup of enterprise software data

Equipment for data stewards to maintain data in enterprise software

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