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Whenever manual juggling of files is not an option for migrating from a third-party solution, for consolidating several sources into one Salesforce org, or for any upgrading to new orgs, conemis has your back. It is an easy-to-learn solution for automating and managing a migration end-to-end.

From assessment of sources and scoping over data transfer to managing project performance, conemis delivers up to 40% acceleration and gives customers the confidence that their project will succeed.

Discover how conemis software helps with migration projects.

With conemis transition cloud, lean back and monitor build activities and data migration progress across the phases of a project. Watch all project activities and immediately recognize when the project gets stuck. A live progress overview delivers better coordination, communication, and confidence in the team.

conemis transition cloud is streamlined for migration. The tried and tested foundation of the software plus pre-defined processes lead through the most complex migrations. It is easy to onboard new members to the migration team without messing up data nor progress in the project.

When applications have grown over the years and documentation is scarce, it can take a long time to understand what is in there and what is still relevant. Pre-built automated assessment in conemis transition cloud delivers unified reports for immediate insight into systems like Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce or others  to save time in analyzing the applications.

Most implementation projects of standard software are agile. But data migration still needs upfront testing and consistency. Full digitalization of migrations with conemis transition cloud keeps all tested mappings and rules in place and safe while allowing agile adjustments along the way. It's the combination of reliable repeatability and flexibility without losing track that leads to success.

Keep track and share all data of a migration project instead of losing track in disparate files and communication channels. The team can collaborate within conemis transition cloud. Everyone sees progress and where the project is going. They keep mapping, transformation rules, and data all in one place.

When teams process migration data locally on different laptops or share it in emails, the risk of rogue data, lost data, leaked data is high. With conemis transition cloud, all data of a migration project is safe and secure in one place with controlled access. After all work is done, it is deleted safely and securely with no traces left.

Not only does conemis transition cloud cut out the long build for the migration process itself. On top of that, it also allows the upload of pre-defined mappings, contains pre-built formulas and conversion patterns for convenient re-use, and makes life much easier with advanced auto-mapping on objects, fields, and pick lists.

The conemis software automatically preserves dependencies between data records in the new system. It automatically learns all IDs and translates foreign key relationships as well as hierarchies. They are reflected in the new application without manually setting them up. This prevents any mess and saves a lot of tedious work.

With multiple people working on a data migration and possibly several go-lives, it can be tricky and tedious to stay on top of what has been done and what still needs to be done. In many such cases, it is also imperative to keep an audit trail for regulatory purposes or internal documentation. conemis transition cloud automates that. It is easy to check if and when a record has been extracted, transformed, and where it has gone – or if it's missing altogether.

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