License Packages

Project-Based License

Per Month and Per User in CRM, ERP, etc.

Best suited for an indiviual project with a clear start and end date.

conemis transition cloud is available as a limited subscription by an enterprise customer or an implementation partner for a fixed number of months. The monthly cost decreases for longer projects.

The second factor for pricing is the main parameter of the destination applications, for example licensed users in CRM, number of contacts in Marketing, licensed users in ERP. Users is the most common but not only one.

Enterprise License

Per Year and Total Users in CRM, ERP, etc.

Best suited for serving several projects with one cost-effective license.

conemis transition cloud can be licensed by an enterprise customer who plans to run several projects over time or an implementation partner who wants to serve multiple projects, possibly at several customers.

The price is per year. The second factor is comprised of the main parameters of the destination applications (see Project-Based). These parameters can easily be converted and covered within one Enterprise License.

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