Splitting one global org to three divisional orgs


A German leading global supplier to the automotive and industrial sectors with around 83,000 employees and approximately 200 locations in over 50 countries. It has a global network of manufacturing locations, research and development facilities, and sales companies.


  • Splitting 1 Salesforce org into 3fresh Salesforce orgs
  • 2.500 users
  • 10M data records
  • 122 objects
  • 1.000 fields
  • 6 roll-outs
  • Synchronization between source and targets during roll-outs


  • Successful migration in time ​
  • Full automation of data conversion with conemis transition cloud​
  • All  relevant records migrated to Salesforce after filtering​
  • All objects transferred to Salesforce
  • Reduced the total cost of implementation
  • Successful synchronization during roll-outs