3,000 CRM and 2,700 Partner users moved successfully with 4 delta migrations


An American international data management company with 3,000 OSC Users and 2,700 Partner Users.


  • Migration from and​ to Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Very short timeline due to Salesforce license expiration​
  • 26 data objects ​
  • 13.3 M net records to be migrated​
  • Extensive filtering of data during migration​
  • Several delta migrations required​
  • Performance of data conversion is crucial for big bang roll-out


  • Successful data filtering and  migration in time​
  • End-to-end automation for full data migration scope with conemis software​
  • Migration of:​
  • 13.3 M records in total​
  • ~290k Attachments​
  • 4 delta migrations​