Premier luxury hospitality group successful in Salesforce, Serenata, Oracle migration


An UK hospitality and leisure company that operates luxury hotels, train services, and river cruises worldwide.


  • Client needed for a proven solution to migrate off from SFDC and Serenata to Oracle Sales Cloud
  • 70 Salesforce and Serenata users
  • data cleansing
  • 16 custom picklists, 36 custom fields in total
  • 431000 records in total
  • Attachment sup to a total of 8 GigaBytes
  • managing data migration process​
  • import performance​


  • Data migrated in time
  • Full data scope covered by conemis data integration tools ​
  • A representative set of the relevant data of one country is migrated to Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Contribution to overall status reporting
  • Data migration completion report identifying data migrated failures/reasons, any issues, and exceptions.
  • conemis data integration tools saved paid consulting days