Migration and integration for SAP, Avaya, and Service Cloud


German company - one of the biggest producers and distributer for lamps in Europe with around 20.000 trading clients.


  • Data model needs to be restructured in parts​
  • Complex transformation and data cleansing​
  • Several pick lists need to be transformed​
  • Filtering of data during migration is required​
  • Performance of data conversion is crucial for global big bang roll-out​
  • Permanent data synchronization after go-live


  • Success full initial data load from SAP to Oracle Service Cloud in time ​
  • ~120k accounts and ~250k contacts​
  • Live data migration in 3 days​
  • Permanent data synchronization between SAP (ERP) and Oracle Service Cloud​
  • Deduplication and data cleansing ​
  • Integration of Service Cloud with Avaya IP telephony​
  • Full data scope covered by conemis