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Pre-built connectors and mapping let customer complete CRM replacement in less than 1 month


An enterprise software consulting company operating across North America​. A team of highly qualified consultants managing or supporting full lifecycle implementation of Human Capital Management, Financials, and Supply Chain system projects.


  • Client needed for a proven solution to migrate off Salesforce and move to Oracle SalesCloud​
  • Client attempted to migrate Salesforce data with file-based loader but faced issues with:​
  • references between records​
  • data transformation (data types, date formats, LOVs, etc.)​
  • managing data migration process​
  • import performance​
  • Only1 month until Salesforce service expired


  • Project ramped up in less than a week with an immediate start of first data transfer with pre-defined mapping in conemis data integration tools​
  • Data migrated in under a month​
  • Full data scope covered by conemis data integration tools ​
  • Client configured conemis data integration tools  for custom fields themselves, called tools “very user friendly“​
  • conemis data integration tools saved paid consulting days