Complex CRM replacement aligned with customer data management


Japanese company - produces electronic products like cameras and office equipment such as printers, photocopiers, fax machines, projectors, and offers document management solutions.


  • Migration from Salesforce.com and Force.com​
  • >25 net data objects​
  • >25M net records to be migrated​
  • ~1000 custom fields to be converted​
  • >150k attachments​
  • Extensive filtering of data during migration​
  • Data cleansing with CDH​
  • Delta migrations required​
  • Performance of data conversion is crucial for Americas big bang roll-out


  • Successful data migration in time​
  • End-to-end automation for full migration scope with conemis transition cloud​
  • Migration highlights:​
  • Full initial data migration plus delta​
  • Incorporated CDM​
  • Account hierarchies​
  • High-volume data performance ​
  • Final delta production migration for all objects within 1 day​