Successful merging of different marketing data sources into Salesforce


A German leading global supplier to the automotive and industrial sectors with around 83,000 employees and approximately 200 locations in over 50 countries. It has a global network of manufacturing locations, research and development facilities, and sales companies.


  • Migration for the company’s marketing department from two data sources (Evalanche and Showtruck) to Salesforce
  • Existing sales configuration and data model extended to accommodate for marketing data
  • Marketing data to be transformed, loaded and incorporated into existing sales data
  • Further cleansing required in the destination to accommodate new entries, i.e. duplicates and merging


  • Successful consolidation from different marketing data sources into one target system
  • 1000 source leads were cleansed, transformed and loaded as approximately 5000 split individuals, leads, and marketing consents
  • Quick turnaround of alignment, setup, and processing based on existing conemis license
  • Destination environment data records adjusted to accommodate the new marketing data