Metadata Migration

Preserves Customization Investment

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Metadata Migration
Key Properties


Past investments into customizing applications to business needs are preserved by automatically transferring them, even between applications from different vendors.


Customizations are adjusted to new  destination design by selecting only relevant customization elements from the past and  transformations during the transfer.


An automated transfer of field names, large picklists, and more prevents typos and other human error in the manual customization of destination applications.

Select and Transfer Customizations

conemis Metadata Migration makes it easier than ever to transfer existing customizations to new applications. It can also fill in gaps when a new application does not cover all standard functionality that an old one had. Metadata Migration firstly highlights the differences from source to target with an auto matching. It is then possible to select what elements to bring over. Metadata Migration can transfer custom objects, fields, picklists, etc. to custom but also map it to standard. Plus, it can transfer standard to custom, which can particularly be interesting when moving from one vendor to another. conemis Metadata Migration is intergrated and collaborates with other modules in conemis transition cloud. Several users can work simultaneously, trace all metadata migration progress, and collaborate in the cloud.

Integrated Modules

Application Assessment


Data Migration


Project Performance



conemis supports the following software systems with out-of-the-box connectors. Depending on the enterprise software application this may use REST or SOAP APIs, file based loading, database access, XML or JSON formats. But users of the conemis software get this pre-built and do not have to worry about it. conemis proactively maintains these connectors for new releases in the respective software applications.

If you do not find your application listed and have interest in adding a connector, please let us know. Our development framework is agile and we can most certainly accommodate with little effort.

Sales Connectors

  • Siebel
    Sales Cloud
    CPQ Cloud
    CRM on Demand
    Engagement Cloud
    Sales Performance Management CRM Sales Cloud

    Dynamics 365 CRM
    Dynamics 365 for Sales

Service Connectors

  • Siebel Service
    Service Cloud RightNow
    Engagement Cloud CRM Service Cloud

    Dynamics 365 CRM for Customer Service


Marketing Connectors

  • Marketing Cloud Eloqua

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud

ERP Connectors

  • eBusinessSuite (Order Mgmt., AR)
    Financials Cloud
    Procurement Cloud

    Dynamics 365 for Financials


    ECC 6.0

Platform Connectors

  • Database

    SQL Server

Other Connectors

  • Open Source



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