How IQPC successfully moved off of Siebel with all 111,000,000 records intact

IQPC leveraged conemis to scope and handle their large data volume, staying flexible in go-lives with synchronization

Learn how IQPC had a successful transition from Siebel to Oracle Sales Cloud with conemis software

IQPC provides business executives around the world with tailored practical conferences, large scale events, online events and webinars, keeping them up-to-date with industry trends, technological developments and the regulatory landscape.

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IQPC Business Goals

Initial acceleration and then flexibility in moving away from their large Siebel instance.

IQPC deliberately wanted to take time to take different countries live at their own pace.

Keeping the costs down for their five-year project around the globe.

Enabling their transition team to make it to Oracle Sales Cloud efficiently and safely.

Challenges along the Way

  • Complexity and high data volume.

  • Customized data model enriched with additional information from non-standard fields and tables

  • Risk of losing track, losing data, and a high rate of errors

  • Ensuring performance of the imports into Oracle Sales Cloud for high data volume in the initial migration

  • Complex conversion logic required systematic approach to transforming the data correctly

Learn how IQPC had a successful transition from Siebel to Oracle Sales Cloud with conemis software

„With conemis, we filtered 175M Siebel records down to a relevant scope and migrated 111M to Oracle CX. conemis kept the systems in sync so we were free to take many different offices around the globe live at our own pace. The initial migration became so much faster and the overall project much easier with conemis.“ - Christian Topf, Head of Marketing Technology at IQPC Ltd, London


  • Flexible go-lives around the globe with synchronization

  • ctc enabled complex data conversion, migration automation, built-in synchronization

  • Siebel data automatically mirrored to Oracle Sales Cloud

  • Centralized configuration verified in initial test migration reused in production migration and synchronization

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