What we stand for as


We are a provider of software transition to empower growth through modernization. We do this by making the necessary transitions healthier and offering a new solution for digitalization of the software transition process with corresponding education and service.

Our mission

Enable companies worldwide to unlock higher value from the software they use and to continuously modernize their software portfolio to spur innovation.

conemis therefore provides software for transition automation that gives insight and control in a transition to new enterprise software. conemis software supports assessing, planning, executing, and benchmarking the transition to reduce risk, time, and cost while increasing value in implementation of software applications.

Continuous modernization

Decision makers in enterprises face constant pressure to modernize and innovate. In all areas of modern-day innovation, they can leverage information technology as a key factor. Software in particular is a constantly evolving element of information technology with ever new capabilities. True modernization in business is only possible by leveraging the latest generation of enterprise software.Results and time to value must be fast, while IT budgets are tight. Fortunately, in the age of cloud, implementing new enterprise software can be fast and affordable when using the right tools and techniques.

What others say

“conemis succeeds in automating the whole data migration process. This ensured we made a reliable and timely switch to Oracle Sales Cloud.”

David Dorling

Swiss Post Solutions

“conemis’ migration tool made our rapid implementation possible […] and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Nicholay Packey

BTR Group

Where to find us

Conemis AG – Germany

Karlstraße 52-54
76133 Karlsruhe
+49 721 68032 990

Conemis AG – USA

One Rockefeller Plaza, 11th Fl.
10020 New York
+1 646-722 2891