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Removing risk and delays from the next cloud transformation

Live Insight

The holistic software support of the project with conemis transition cloud allows for an automated overview and the management of project performance.

Collaborative and Scalable

No matter if one person or hundreds are involved in the transition, conemis transition cloud is supporting them as a single point of truth and place for collaboration.

transition cloud

conemis transition cloud covers the whole transition process from one software to another


One-click assessment

of metadata and data in source systems with no technical legacy-knowledge required. Allow scoping in the same software immediately tied to the gathered data.


End-to-end automated data

migration including full traceability of all steps. Automated error analysis and resolution support. Central home for all conversion data, rules and migration knowledge.


Software-supported plan

that contains all relevant aspects of a transition can be assembled based on past recorded project data and can be adjusted by the project manager to individual project needs. This helps with target-actual comparison.


Live progress view and benchmarking

with automated warnings for potential risks for extra cost and delays. Enables fact-based effective communication and proactive management of efforts and go-lives.


Monitoring of build activities

across all instances. Highlights diff between different states of development. Live progress reporting and insight into build progress for better coordination, communication, and trust.

Industry’s 1st
Dedicated Transition Software

conemis transition cloud is dedicated exclusively to the holistic automation of the transition to new enterprise software in the cloud. It is a comprehensive product that lets you take control of your transition.

Application Assessment

Analysis with one click and drill-down into details for systems to be replaced, modernized, introduced

Migration Automation

End-to-end automated process for extraction, conversion, and loading of data from source to target

Project Performance

Guidance in project and program management with real-time insight and progress tracking

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Key Functionality

Migration Automation

Empowers transition teams with automation of tasks. Seamless process for extraction, conversion, data quality issue resolution, and loading with full control over each step. Holds all project configuration and know-how in software. Traces all transition progress and allows collaboration in the cloud.

Key Features

  • End-to-end automation including all conversion aspects

  • Reduction in development time with pre-built solutions and no coding

  • Automated analysis of exceptions and templates for reconciliation

  • Effective collaborative workbench in the cloud with full traceability

  • Manages consistency and quality in data

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System Transformation

Supporting your system transformation projects with transition management and deep insight, so that migration is not a black box anymore.

Data Migration

Migration of data without conerns about incompatible data structures, guesswork or unreachable data destinations.

Cloud Migration

Fast, reliable and cost effective migrations from on premise applications into the cloud.

Merger and Acquisitions

System split and merges due to M&A activities, need a quick solution to have the correct data in the right place at the right time.

System Upgrade

Enabling your system upgrade to the newest release of your applications.

Data Mapping

Easy data mapping with automation and pre-built mappings for standard objects of the most common applications.

Data Integration

Keeping your applications in sync after a migration is completed and legacy is still needed.

Data Cleansing

Built-in data cleansing features for improving your quality and standarizing your data.


conemis supports the following software systems with out-of-the-box connectors. Depending on the enterprise software application this may use REST or SOAP APIs, file based loading, database access, XML or JSON formats. But users of the conemis software get this pre-built and do not have to worry about it. conemis proactively maintains these connectors for new releases in the respective software applications.

If you do not find your application listed and have interest in adding a connector, please let us know. Our development framework is agile and we can most certainly accommodate with little effort.

Sales Connectors

  • Siebel
    Sales Cloud
    CPQ Cloud
    CRM on Demand
    Engagement Cloud
    Sales Performance Management CRM Sales Cloud

    Dynamics 365 CRM
    Dynamics 365 for Sales

Service Connectors

  • Siebel Service
    Service Cloud RightNow
    Engagement Cloud CRM Service Cloud

    Dynamics 365 CRM for Customer Service


Marketing Connectors

  • Marketing Cloud Eloqua

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud

ERP Connectors

  • eBusinessSuite (Order Mgmt., AR)
    Financials Cloud
    Procurement Cloud

    Dynamics 365 for Financials


    ECC 6.0

Platform Connectors

  • Database

    SQL Server

Other Connectors

  • Open Source



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