conemis as a part of ISV Industry booklet - Nonprofit and Education

January 28, 2022
Tamara Jojic

We are proud to be one of the Success ISVs chosen by Salesforce for the AppExchange Industry booklet for

The International ISV Industry booklet contains a curated selection of industry-related, ready-to-use apps built for Salesforce Customer 360 for Nonprofit and Education customers.

Check out conemis on AppExchange and in the ISV booklet to solve industry-specific challenges in Education and Nonprofit sectors. With conemis transition cloud, remove risk and delays from your next cloud transformation and accelerate your migration projects up to 40%.

conemis is the top choice for replacing or extending other software with Salesforce and consolidating Salesforce orgs. With our unique tooling, we let you take control of your transition by automating application assessment, metadata, and data migration, as well as project performance for Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, industry clouds, and more.