conemis transition cloud Release Notes 20.3.1

September 15, 2020
conemis Development

What’s New

Activity types in activity count widget


Quickly distinguish the current activities of your project team: The Activity Count widgets in the conemis NAVIGATOR Control Center now show counts related to each activity type in a pie chart. The actual count is displayed when hovering over a type related piece of the pie and you can select which types should be visible.


Multi-repository support for Siebel

conemis MIGRATOR – Siebel Exporter

Easier to work with newer Siebel releases: We added support for Siebel instances with separated repositories – one for metadata like business objects, picklists/list-of-values and the other for the actual payload data. The support is transparent and intuitive in our Siebel Exporter user interface, but behind the scenes the access is split so you can now either use two database connections or use only one connection to access your Siebel repositories. This particularly makes working with Siebel Innovation Pack IP 2017 and newer easier.

Bug Fix

conemis MIGRATOR – Salesforce Importer

The following error occured in one of our currently ongoing projects when trying to send Create statements for the object ContentNote and populating the CreatedDate and/or LastModifiedDate fields via the Salesforce Importer using the SOAP API.

INVALID_TYPE_ON_FIELD_IN_RECORD. Issue: Created Date: value not of required type  

This showed up although the sent value had the proper format based on the provided XML Schema from Salesforce. After experimenting with different formats, we found the correct format should actually look like this:


It seems like the SOAP call definition has a wrong xsi:type configured on those fields in the Salesforce XML Schema.