conemis transition cloud Release Notes 20.3.2

October 7, 2020
conemis Development

In this release we concentrated our efforts on improvements and bug fixes as well as preparing new features behind the scenes.


Support for Action and Function objects

conemis MIGRATOR – Microsoft Dynamics Importer

The metadata parser of the Microsoft Dynamics Importer now supports the Action and Function objects so you can add those more easily to the field mapping configuration.

Versioning of inspected metadata

conemis ANALYZER

In order to support the tracking of changes in a systems metadata over time in the conemis NAVIGATOR we added versioning of inspected metadata to the backend of the conemis ANALYZER.

URL parameters for Activity Graph


You can now use URL query parameters on the Activity Graph page in the conemis NAVIGATOR to quickly go to a custom date range. For example if you add


to the end of the Activity Graph page URL you will see the activities between 1st of April 2020 and 21st of May 2020 in the graph on the page.

Bug Fixes

conemis MIGRATOR – Oracle CRM On Demand Exporter

In case of a multi batch export, if a search specification contained a wildcard, the splitting mechanism for batches didn’t work correctly. This is now fixed.

conemis MIGRATOR – Converter

Commas in field values were not correctly parsed in some circumstances. This is now fixed.

conemis MIGRATOR – Salesforce Marketing Cloud Importer

Corrected the handling of server error messages in multi batch imports and added object-specific handling of id fields for some of the objects.