conemis transition cloud Release Notes 20.4.0

November 18, 2020
conemis Development


Oracle CPQ Cloud Connector

conemis MIGRATOR

Starting with this release, we are offering a conemis-built connector for Oracle CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) Cloud. It provides full support for importing data into Oracle CPQ Cloud. CPQ Cloud is Oracle’s solution to fully automate the sales order process and CRM functions across the entire buying cycle. It allows users to streamline the order lifecycle to improve not only the efficiency of the sales process but also the consistency of their customer experience.

The new Oracle CPQ Cloud connector is seamlessly integrated into conemis MIGRATOR and can be used in the same way as our other connectors. It supports metadata fetching via both the REST and SOAP based web service APIs of Oracle CPQ Cloud. For the SOAP based API endpoints we provide the possibility to upload the corresponding WSDL files provided by your Oracle CPQ Cloud instance.

Display not object related activities in the Control Center


Activities in the conemis NAVIGATOR which are not related to an object were not systematically represented in the Control Center before. Examples for this are the start of a conemis ANALYZER inspection or the mapping of picklist / LoV values that can be used in multiple objects at once. Now there’s a new menu item ‘Not Object Related’ on the left side of the Control Center, which shows API Calls and Activity Count widgets for activities that are not tied to a specific object.