conemis transition cloud Release Notes 20.4.3

February 2, 2021
conemis Development


Milestones in the new design


Milestones can now be added in the new activity graph design. Milestones consist of a name and a date and are displayed as blue lines from top to bottom in the activity graph. At the bottom, the blue circle triggers a popup showing milestone details. If the activity graph shows an aggregated view and multiple milestones are defined in an aggregation level, they show up as a single milestone in the activity graph but the individual details are displayed in the corresponding popup.

Today marker in the new design


The activity graph shows a red line from top to bottom on the current date so it's easier to identify the difference to milestones.

Bubble view for single days


It's now possible to switch between the new barchart view of the activity graph and the bubble view. For switching to the bubble view select a particular day, because this feature is only available in the daily aggregation level for now. With the bubble view, it's possible to zoom into single activities and access their details by clicking on them.


Objects with no filtered activities are hidden


When an activity filter for a specific kind of activities is disabled at the top of the activity graph, object lanes with no activities left to display will be hidden in the activity graph. This prevents empty objects lanes from crowding the activity graph.

Object count on connections includes visible objects only


For each connection lane in the activity graph, the object count displayed in parantheses after the connection lane name shows the count of currently visible objects based on the filter settings. Accordingly, this value can change when filters are enabled or disabled that affect object visibility. See above improvement.