conemis transition cloud Release Notes 21.2.1

April 27, 2021
conemis Development


General user interface


The default resolution in the Activity Graph has been changed from "Weekly" to "Daily".

In order to make the list of connections in a project  more readable

  • the number of objects displayed in brackets after a connection name are now aligned on the right side
  • long connection names as well a object names are truncated after a certain number of characters to prevent overflowing list entries

The available time range in the Activity Graph date picker has a past and future date limit a user can choose and all numbers in the Control Center are now consistently using a thousands separator for more readability.

In cases where a user only has one project being tracked in the conemis NAVIGATOR this project is now instantly displayed after signing in. The normally visible list of projects can still be accessed through the main navigation menu.

Bug Fixes


All Customization Tracking activities are available again in the Bar Chart and Bubble views of the Activity Graph.

The Control Center shows details for an object when only mapping activities are available for this object.

Blue milestone markers and the red today marker are again correctly displayed over the complete height of the Activity Graph.

The order of activity type sections in the Bar Chart view of the Activity Graph doesn't change anymore when different types are enabled or disabled.