Don’t lose years of legacy app investment

May 8, 2024
Michael Wirth

Customization of software applications – that is, adapting its features to the customer's needs – is a common thing in organizations. Customizing software applications is useful, and also a considerable investment, requiring both financial and personell resources.  


With the migration to new software, the question comes up as to what happens to these customizations. Some may no longer be needed, for example because they are outdated, cumbersome or reflected in standard functionality in the new world. But the components that are worth retaining may be substantial and embody years of labor and millions of dollars.


These investments are lost unless they are brought over to the new world, and instead of investing person years of labor again to rebuild them manually, they can be transferred automatically and even transformed in the process with conemis.


Metadata Migration, the new feature recently introduced into conemis transition cloud ctc, helps preserve past investments in customizing applications to business needs. This works even between applications from different vendors.

ctc MetadataMigration offers

• Source-to-destination auto matching

• Technical fit-gap analysis

• Pick-and-choose selection of metadata

• Batch transfer of chosen metadata

• Metadata transformation

Together with the existing modules Application Assessment, Data Migration, and Project Performance, ctc Metadata Migration is another asset to ensure a safe, smooth, and successful software migration, including customized applications – with your investments protected.


Learn more about ctc’s new feature here.