Easy migration of data from an old CRM system to a new cloud application

August 19, 2022
Michael Wirth

In most CRM implementation projects of a certain size or complexity, data migration is an essential requirement. Companies wish to transfer the valuable data from old systems into their new application as safely as possible, without delays and without efforts getting out of hand.

A lot of manual steps in the process, disparate scripts and tools as well as a missing central overview introduce risks and make migration unpredictable. Costly errors may not only bloat the project budget but also affect long-term user adoption and the value of the new application and its data.

conemis transition cloud offers a complete end-to-end automated data migration starting with an assessment of the old applications and data. A streamlined and easy-to-learn migration flow with full ETL capabilities effectively reduces efforts, minimizes risk, and enables teams to make the project successful.

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