How to mess up data migration

December 16, 2022
Michael Wirth

Are you tired of successful data migration? Do you want to know the secret to completely ruining yours? Then here are some surefire ways to mess up your data migration project:​

1. Don't bother with planning. Just wing it and hope for the best!​

2. Ignore all best practices and established methodologies. After all, why follow the rules when you can make your own?​

3. Don't bother with testing. What could go wrong?​

4. Don't communicate with your team or stakeholders. They'll figure it out eventually.​

5. Wait until the last minute to start the migration process. This will add some much-needed excitement and stress to the project.​

6. Use the wrong tools for the migration or better none at all. A safe bet for losing track and spicing it up with some lost and corrupted data.​

Follow these steps and you'll be well on your way to a disastrous data migration. ​

If you want to go back to boring and to not messing up, stay tuned for our next posts. In any case, happy migrating!