Internship – Empower the Youth

July 30, 2018
Patrick Rygula

Target Young, and Empower Big – Internship!

We are proud to take part in empowering Cem, a 15 year-old boy from SybelCentrum (Heimstiftung-Karlsruhe) who joined conemis for his first internship! Cem studies in Augartenschule in Karlsruhe, Germany, and he aimed to do his internship in conemis as he is interested in Information Technology. We thank Cem for the support and we hope this internship supported him and added value as a young man soon to start his carer.

"I was very curious to know how conemis executes their programming and coding activities for automation and AI purposes. For that reason I applied to do my two-week internship there. I gained insight into their professional attitude. When I was working on adding projects to the ‘Wall of Success’, I was amazed to see some of the largest companies as our clients who we deliver our solutions to. Now, after learning how to use several computer applications and being engaged in digital technology, I have a more defined direction for my future career as a Software Developer.”