Keeping Track in Cloud Migrations

November 24, 2023
Michael Wirth

Data migration into the cloud entails potential risks in the technical field, data security, and compliance. However, another pitfall that is often ignored is miscommunication between IT managers and business units involved. This can make it difficult to assess which data is migrated where, and if it is correct.

conemis transition cloud can help overcome these problems by automating the data migration process. The software allows you to track the whole data flow at any given time, so you always know whether a record has been extracted, transformed, and where it has gone. You can monitor build activities and data migration progress across every stage of a project, and immediately recognize when the process gets stuck. Mapping, transformation rules, and data are all kept in one place, providing impeccable coordination, communication, and confidence in the team involved. Besides, the intuitive design makes onboarding new team members a breeze.

With conemis transition cloud,you can relax while you have a full overview of the status of your data migration project at any given time.

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