Learn efficient software migration

August 5, 2022
Tamara Jojic

Data migration is a common requirement when introducing new software applications. Companies wish to transfer data from old systems into their new application as efficiently as possible, with reduced costs and minimal effort.

Migrating data from source legacy systems to new applications often poses significant risks due to the process being partly manual and untraceable. As such, costly errors may be made with no real consistent traceability, which drastically affects project plans.

conemis transition cloud offers the solution of a complete end-to-end automated data migration with full ETL capabilities and essential steps around it for effectively reducing costs, minimizing risks, and creating a more efficient and reliable workflow.

To provide a detailed understanding of success and efficient data migration along the principles of conemis transition cloud, conemis has created our online information center conemis cares.  

Read more about it at conemis cares: https://cares.conemis.com