Legacy customization can interfere with data migration   

December 9, 2022
Michael Wirth

Customization of an application – that is, adapting its features to the buyer's or user's needs – sounds good and might sometimes not only be desirable, but even necessary.   

However, when a data migration project lies ahead, the benefits of a once made customization might turn into pitfalls.   

- When the experts that set up the system are gone, it is hard to identify, qualify and extract the data corresponding to customizations.  

- When documentation is missing, assessing the situation and defining the migration scope gets difficult.  

- When large amounts of data became superfluous or incomplete, this may be overlooked and lead to bad data quality.  

- When references between individual data records are no longer clear, data may be lost.   

conemis software helps to overcome this problem: One pillar of its functionality is Application Assessment. This feature delivers unified analysis and scoping for immediate assessment of systems from Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce, and others. It will save time in quickly understanding applications and data – and thus relieve you from any issues that might be caused by customization.  

Learn more about how conemis software makes data migration smooth, safe, and successful here.