Next Gen UX in conemis transition cloud

January 10, 2022
Tamara Jojic

We’re excited to announce the release of the Next Gen UX in conemis transition cloud!

Our new and improved user experience (UX) enables even more intuitive software usage. We are dedicated to finding ways to continually improve the experience for users to maximize their productivity in software migrations.

The Next Gen UX allows working with more Connections and Projects simultaneously in a cleaner and easy-to-use design, making the migration process more manageable and effective. Data migration experts now have a more organized and structured process that results in smooth and fast projects.

In order to improve sustainability in our development process and bring new features to our customers faster, we have again upgraded our solution to the latest web front-end technologies. Using modern development approaches like component-driven design, we have changed the overall navigation and appeal of conemis transition cloud.

First, we’ve updated our main menu, which enables users to navigate more easily between Projects and related top-level functionality.

Connections have become the central component, around which features are now organized. The Connections entry in the menu opens the list of project connections that are each represented by a card. A card provides buttons to quickly switch between the different steps of the software migration process  for this connection (Assess, Extract, Transform, Load).

Next, we’ve updated the look of the Status Bar at the top of each screen, which provides the user with different information depending on the context they are currently working in.

Customers will now begreeted by Next Gen UX by default. Stay tuned for even more enhancements to ctc in upcoming releases. To read more details about the Next Gen UX check out the Release note.

If you want to learn more about conemis transition cloud in general, read about it in the Getting Started Guide.

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