Profisee has joined the family of conemis connectors!

September 2, 2022
Michael Wirth

On behalf of a conemis customer, the team has developed a new connector with the help of the conemis Connector SDK: The source system is Profisee, a Master Data Management solution that enables organizations to manage database configuration, governance, quality, storage and more. The new connector supports the assessment of the current Profisee system, metadata/data model information, and exports in conemis transition cloud when migrating data to a new cloud application.  

A growing number of connectors is available for conemis transition cloud ctc. They are not only pre-built but also proactively maintained to always be compatible with the latest releases and older generations as well. Check out all out-of-box connectors conemis has for applications here.  

If you do not find your application listed and have interest in adding a connector, please let us know. conemis Connector SDK is very efficient and can deliver new connectors with only a few days of effort, even for niche custom-made connectors.