The Fourth Element for Success in Software Migration

January 18, 2024
Michael Wirth

The Fourth Element for Success in Software Migration

2024 has started with a bang! After years in the making, the fourth element of intelligent delivery for software migrations now completes our vision and is available in conemis transition cloud.

This vision has long been to bring out the beauty in innovation, of which so much is constantly being delivered in the cloud applications of major vendors for business software. Customers, nevertheless, often fall short of realizing the full potential of such innovation, because their organizations struggle to absorb it at the speed and complexity of this time and age.
In order to change this for the better and maximize the realization of the huge potential, conemis strives to empower people and organizations to not only keep up with the innovation but to let inspiration unfold, which is when true progress and growth happen. This is when software investments generate true value.

The fourth element that conemis is now adding to conemis transition cloud therefore digitalizes the software transformation process even further. It is a new module called Metadata Migration. This auto-matches the customization of any conemis-supported source to any conemis-supported destination, reveals the gaps, lets the user choose which metadata elements to bring over to the new world, lets them make adjustments in the transfer rules, and eventually automatically applies the selected metadata to the new world. No manual configuration needed.

This works when source and target are from the same application vendor, but it works across vendors as well.

Seamlessly Complementing Existing Modules

Now conemis automation takes even more tedious operational work off the shoulders of implementation teams. Yet, as always, conemis transition cloud not only automates but provides intuitive capabilities to manage the process from all user input over the automated steps to live visualization of progress and results. This frees mental space for anyone directly and indirectly involved in implementation and consolidation projects to focus on innovation and creating value with new and updated applications. It takes even more tediousness, typos, and other pain out of migration.

Representing many years of experience with migration projects, Metadata Migration seamlessly complements our existing modules of Application Assessment, Data Migration, and Project Performance. Like the other modules, it can be purchased and used stand-alone but is most powerful when working in the context of all of conemis transition cloud.

Reach out to us to learn more, follow our LinkedIn page to stay up todate, and get your free trial whenever you are ready to experience the beauty in innovation yourself.

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