The Future of Data Migration: Trends and Best Practices

March 3, 2023
Michael Wirth

Data migration is constantly evolving as new technologies and best practices emerge. Here are some key trends and best practices coming up in the field of data migration:

  • Increased use of automation and AI. As technology advances, data migration is increasingly being automated using AI and machine learning algorithms, which can help improve efficiency and accuracy.
  • Emphasis on data governance and security. Data governance and security are becoming increasingly important as organizations deal with large volumes of sensitive data.
  • Greater focus on data quality and accuracy. As data becomes more critical to business operations, organizations are placing a greater emphasis on ensuring the quality and accuracy of their migrated data.
  • Tendency towards cloud-to-cloud migrations. After years of migration mainly from on premise into cloud applications, a new scenario is prevalent: migrating between cloud-based solutions. After the early waves of cloud adoption, customers are now restructuring, upgrading and optimizing their cloud application portfolios.

By staying up-to-date with these trends and best practices, organizations can ensure that their data migration processes are efficient, effective, and secure.  

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