What are the digital transformation trends in enterprises for 2021-22?

September 15, 2021
Tamara Jojic

The crisis, caused by the pandemic which had hit the business world hard, enabled rapid technology adoption and accelerated digital transformation across the industries. With technology being integrated everywhere and changing the business operations, digital transformation has a lot to offer, so let us look at 5 trends of the digital transformation journey in enterprises that are expected to stick around until 2022:

·     The rapid transformation of data into insight – feeding process automation, innovation and optimal experiences​

·      The need to go beyond measuring top and bottom-line results and to include a new dimension of success, as it is time to transform to an Intelligent and Sustainable Enterprise​

·      Good Total Experience strategy - enhance customer satisfaction and employee productivity in order to focus on interlinking the experiences​

·      Cybersecurity is a key challenge - rethink security, because the core problems of business are email compromise, phishing, ransomware, etc​

·      Hyper automation - to invest in technology to automate tasks and integrate processes to connect the business end to end and deliver superior customer experience


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