Experience Is Good. Combining It with Data Is Better!

May 24, 2024
Michael Wirth

When organizations prepare for a software migration, they often seek seasoned experts – internally or externally – to navigate the challenges. However, even the most experienced professionals may only have experience with a few such projects, especially when it comes to very complex and long-running ones. But imagine these experts having access to extensive data from hundreds of comparable projects. That would empower them to enhance their planning, benchmarking, and execution considerably. Leveraging comprehensive yet individualized templates and tailored processes becomes seamless, resulting in more efficient migrations.

Combining expert experience with a solid foundation of data is a key aspect at conemis of making software migration and implementation of new software running smoothly, safely, and successfully. The pain of such migration projects can be eased considerably by using the principles of Intelligent Delivery. This means: intelligent methodology based on intelligent technology – based on lots of data from past projects.  

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