ctc is Ready for Metadata Migration!

April 12, 2024
Michael Wirth

Good news for those having a software migration project ahead, and especially for those who have to handle customized metadata within the migration process: the latest element of conemis transition cloud ctc has introduced Metadata Migration facilitates the transfer of existing customizations to new applications.

Some key features of conemis Metadata Migration are:  

  • Source-to-destination auto matching
  • Technical fit-gap analysis
  • Pick-and-choose selection of metadata
  • Batch transfer of chosen metadata
  • Metadata transformation

By automizing the migration process, ctc overall helps to deliver software migration projects more intelligently. Together with the existing ones – Application Assessment, Data Migration, and Project Performance – the new module Metadata Migration makes migration even less of a pain.  

Among other innovative features, Metadata Migration seamlessly transfers custom objects, fields, and picklists from one application to another, addressing gaps in functionality. It enables project delivery teams to transfer selected customizations even from third-party source applications.  

Discover here in detail the features Metadata Migration offers, and how it helps for successful and seamless migration of customized software.