How IQPC successfully moved off of Siebel with all 111,000,000 records intact

October 1, 2021
Tamara Jojic

We are happy to share how successful IQPC was in their Siebel migration. Learn how they moved with all 111,000,000 records intact and​ had a successful transition to Oracle Sales Cloud with our software. ​

What this customer needed, having been on Siebel for many years, was initial acceleration and then flexibility in moving away from their large Siebel instance. IQPC deliberately wanted to take time to take different countries live at their own pace. This ended up being a five-year project around the globe, which was made possible by keeping the costs down with conemis. IQPC leveraged conemis transition cloud (ctc) to support their transition team to make it to Oracle Sales Cloud efficiently and safely.

Read more about this success story here.

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