conemis transition cloud is a suite of software products for the most challenging transition problems across migration assessment, data conversion, and transition management. It is highly productive, cloud-native software technology that empowers transition teams from an operational efficiency level to executive overview.

What does it do?

conemis transition cloud brings automation, software-defined methodology, and a unified UI including unified logging to all phases of a transition project. It thereby makes transition teams more effective and productive. The software suite supports the analysis, migration, consolidation, synchronization, archiving and backup, as well as ongoing data maintenance of enterprise software.

How does it work?

conemis transition cloud natively runs in the cloud. With its Connectors – pre-built and custom-built – it directly connects to any enterprise software it serves. In all scenarios that involve software systems with different data models, conemis transition cloud fully automates data conversion. Unified end-to-end logging ensures traceability across all steps of a transition project.

Why should I use it?

conemis software makes the most complex transitions manageable, reliable, and transparent. It benefits speed and cost-savings in transition projects – from the largest to the smallest – with its extensive automation capabilities and pre-defined workflows.

conemis software portfolio

conemis transition cloud is the industry’s first software suite dedicated exclusively to the holistic automation of the transition to new enterprise software. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of cloud applications that let you take control of your transition.

Software assessment with one click and drill-down into details

Guidance in project and program management with real-time planning and progress tracking

End-to-end automated process for extraction, conversion, and loading of data from source to target

Simple, reliable, and performant persistent integration

Automated mirroring and backup of enterprise software data

Equipment for data stewards to maintain data in enterprise software

Pre-built connectors to APIs of leading enterprise software

conemis ANALYZER


Summary of meta data and data sizing with one click. Filtering and detailed inspection. Fast and easy scoping of a project. Allows for clear definition of transition requirements in software. ANALYZER can pass on scoping and setup information to the MIGRATOR for auto-configuration of transition logic.

Key Features
  • One-click assessment of source applications
  • Browsable collection of metadata, objects, fields, and more in one place
  • Drill into the details and start your transition planning in the software
  • Base application fitment planning on facts
  • Identify risks early

conemis MIGRATOR


Empowers transition teams with automation of tasks. Seamless process for extraction, conversion, data quality issue resolution, and loading with full control over each step. Holds all project configuration and know-how in software. Traces all transition progress and allows collaboration in the cloud.

Key Features
  • End-to-end automation including all conversion aspects
  • Reduction in development time with pre-built solutions and no coding
  • Automated analysis of exceptions and templates for reconciliation
  • Effective collaborative workbench in the cloud with full traceability
  • Manages consistency and quality in data



Full synchronization of data during multi-phase rollouts and for third-party integration. Supports pre-built CONNECTORS and custom connections. Reliable interface between software systems. Highly performant for big data volumes.

Key Features
  • Reliable batch and near-realtime synchronization
  • Reduction in development time with pre-built solutions and no coding
  • High performance data throughput
  • Easy maintenance of scope and schedule in GUI
  • Unified end-to-end logging

conemis ARCHIVER


Automated replication of enterprise software data to file system, database, or another application. Easy set up with highly performant and reliable data transfer. Can reuse MIGRATOR connectors and existing configurations for immediate archival activation.

Key Features
  • Easy setup of data archival, backup, or replication
  • Feed enterprise software data to data lake, database, files, etc.
  • High performance data throughput
  • Easy maintenance of scope and schedule in GUI
  • Tested and proved for large volumes of data



Mass updates, bulk loading, de-duplication, data cleansing, and data integrity tools for data stewards and data owners in enterprise software.

Key Features
  • Auto-planning of transition based on collected data
  • Live benchmarking of project time, efforts, quality
  • Real-time progress tracking and reporting
  • Intuitive indicators for smarter and faster decisioning
  • Clarity in activities for more effective team coordination

conemis Connectors

conemis supports the following software systems with out-of-the-box Connectors. Depending on the enterprise software application this may use REST or SOAP APIs, file based loading, database access, XML or JSON formats. But users of the conemis software get this pre-built and do not have to worry about it. conemis proactively maintains these Connectors for new releases in the respective software applications.

If you do not find your application listed and have interest in adding a Connector, please let us know. Our development framework is agile and we can most certainly accommodate with little effort.

Vendor Application
Oracle Siebel
Sales Cloud
CPQ Cloud
CRM on Demand
Engagement Cloud
Sales Performance Management
Salesforce Salesforce.com CRM Sales Cloud
Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
Dynamics 365 for Sales
Vendor Application
Oracle Siebel Service
Service Cloud RightNow
Engagement Cloud
Salesforce Salesforce.com CRM Service Cloud
Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Customer Service
Vendor Application
Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua
Salesforce Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Vendor Application
Oracle eBusinessSuite (Order Mgmt., AR)
Financials Cloud
Procurement Cloud
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials
FinancialForce FinancialForce
Vendor Application
Oracle Database
Microsoft SQL Server
SalesForce Force.com
Vendor Application
Open Source XML
Microsoft SharePoint